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Best Journal For Entrepreneurs and Traders

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Journaling is one of the most important aspects of not only trading, but it is something to incorporate into day-to-day life as an entrepreneur.

Before reading this blog or directly after, please click HERE to take your EVO Brain Type test. This test will tell you your brain type, which will help the rest of this blog make sense.

I, Austin, am the Architect brain type and journaling has changed everything for me, not only my trading, but also my professional and personal life. 

The Evo journal, in particular, has played a big role in that transformation. I used to think that journaling wasn’t necessary, but I have had to eat my words. Keeping track of my mind, just as I do for my trades, has allowed me to focus on growth rather than being stuck in the same old habits.

Today’s blog is about the importance of journaling.

(If you need a copy of the trading journal template that I use, email me –

Let’s dive into the insights that we have gained over the last 6 months of journaling:

There is no doubt that there is a lot of value in journaling. Rylee has been journaling since she was in kindergarten in one way or another. By physically writing words down on paper and getting your thoughts out of your head, you are clearing your mind as well as your emotions, which is so beneficial for traders. 

Your journaling can consist of anything from an event you want to remember, emotions you want to work through or writing something for your future-self.

Journaling helps you disconnect from your brain and get it all out onto paper where you can assess everything and organize your thoughts. As Rylee likes to say, journaling turns your spaghetti brains into actual lines that make sense.

Let’s walk through how Rylee and I journal day-to-day.

As mentioned previously, we both use the EVO Journal.

The first step in journaling with this particular journal is to take the test and determine your brain type. 

Once ordered, EVO Journal gives you 5 cards of exactly what is inside the journal, but on to-go sized cards to make it easier to travel with and keep journaling without having to haul around the journal itself. You can then transfer these cards into your journal at a later date if you wish.

Side note: the EVO journal is aesthetically beautiful with bronze pages and a stunning blue binding. You get what you pay for with EVO.

Each journal is split into two sections:

First section is a weekly review section where you can set business and personal goals for the week ahead, and we write down what we’ve learned and our favorite moments of the week prior. Then it asks you to ask yourself “how was last week?” in terms of your:

  1. Health
  2. Vitality
  3. Fitness
  4. Love and relationships
  5. Cash flow
  6. Fun and enjoyment 
  7. Meaning and contribution.

You assess each category every week and after 3 months you can go back and see how you’ve grown and improved.

The next section in the EVO journal then progresses into individual days and each day it wants you (depending on the brain type you get) to write:

  1. What you are grateful for.
  2. How you’re going to create order and balance in your life
  3. Brain dump and document your ideas. 

*This is how my EVO Journal is laid out specifically for my brain type because the architect has a bunch of things going through their mind at one time, so it gives you sections to organize according to your own brain type. There are four different brain types according to EVO, which you can learn about here.

Where this journal takes it a step further is the “Today’s Priority” section. This is a spot where you can list what is most important in terms of:

  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Business and fun
  • What you must get done that day

 It gives you a box to check when you’ve accomplished a task on your list and a space to record the time in which you completed it.

It’s all very detailed so you can follow it like a robot (like we do with our trading).

Now, let’s talk about the best part of the EVO Journal.

The To-Do List

These are blank lines to fill in with all of the tasks I need to-do, slot for the time, slot to say when it’s done and a slot to prioritize in what order you’re going to complete the tasks. I like this a lot because I can put notes in advance for things I don’t necessarily want to put into my calendar but also don’t want to forget. This notebook has helped me a lot with that.

The EVO Journal is a combo between an agenda and a journal and it’s also made me more accountable with my fitness.

The Whoop band keeps us on track with our fitness data but this journal brings things full circle. What am I accomplishing? What am I not accomplishing both in my business and fitness?

This journal helps in building healthy habits.

Journaling, in general, keeps your head clear and organized.

I used to use Sticky Notes or whiteboards to keep myself organized, but journaling helps keep those thoughts and ideas concrete and helps you see your progress instead of erasing it (like a whiteboard).

There have been many times in my entrepreneurial journal where I have an idea that I shelf in my brain for later and either never bring it to fruition or I’ll remember it months later. This problem has been eradicated thanks to actively journaling.

It keeps you very accountable.

“Has journalling like this outside of trading impacted traders in our group in direct ways that you have seen?” 

(Insight: Rylee does one-on-one mindset coaching calls with our traders)

Rylee: “OH absolutely. One of our traders has started journaling and has even begun meditating. It has reduced his stress and with regards to his trading, journaling has allowed him to begin trading with better control over his emotions.”

The gist of this blog post is to say: start journaling. Whether you use an EVO Journal or not, just start.

If you don’t know where to start, get an EVO Journal and start.

If you don’t want to spend the money, just get a piece of paper and start getting your thoughts out.

The daily practice of writing about how you are feeling, what you are doing everyday, what you are thinking about, and getting all of that out on paper will then help you translate that onto a priority list which will end up in action.

Those actions will then manifest your thoughts and you will see yourself becoming more productive and successful.

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