Linzi Jess

ASFX Coach

Trading Specialty: Day trading pullbacks and breakouts
Favorite Entry Signal: A1 and D1
Location: United Kingdom

Linzi Jess is a full time mum (most importantly) and active forex day trader.

She started her journey off back in January 2018 and fell in love with the potential that trading could bring to her and her family.

In her mind, she needed to start on the right foot meant finding a good mentor and the proper education.

With the first education group she joined, she found the basics helpfully but she still could not find the details needed to give her the consistent returns she was looking for… she still didn’t have an edge.

So what did Linzi do? She jumped from strategy to strategy trying to find the remaining pieces to her edge. Fortunately for us, this led her to finding ASFX.

After months on the fence as ASFX’s biggest skeptic, and lots of chats with Austin, she knew that the ASFX strategies were something that would give her the details that she needed to reach her full potential.

After just a few weeks within the community and working hard to study the courses, her new found confidence and increased profits made her feel like she had found her edge.

Now inspired more than ever, Linzi is ready to help & support others through the experiences in the forex market that she has gained knowledge from.


Linzi’s Spotlight

Austin and Linzi’s Conversation