2023 Events

LIVE Seminars

Click the date of the event to purchase your ticket!


Friday February 24th – Tampa, FL – CLICK HERE

April – *more info coming soon*

Friday May 26th – Tampa, FL *Tickets on sale soon*

Friday October 6th – Tampa, FL *Tickets on sale soon*


Free Meetups

These events are intended to gather all styles of traders to network and enjoy a beer together. Your significant other and/or friends are also welcome!


The free meetups in the USA are hosted by Austin Silver.

Friday March 31st – Tampa, FL – CLICK HERE

Friday July 21st – Tampa, FL *details coming soon*


The free meetups in the UK are hosted by Tom Jackson.

Saturday March 4th – London – CLICK HERE

Saturday June 10th – Birmingham *details coming soon*

Saturday September 9th – Manchester *details coming soon*

Highlights of Previous Seminars