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What is ASFX?

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What is ASFX?

Have you been wondering, “What is ASFX?” The mission is very clear; We strive to create self-sufficient and consistently profitable day traders.

Day trading, as a whole, is becoming more popular now than ever. If you look back 5-6 years ago, there was no one providing the type of education that is available now.

When Austin started 5-6 years ago, there was nothing close to a forex educational platform available, so he and Rylee created ASFX in hopes that they could teach people how to trade on their own and be consistently profitable.

Today, we are giving a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to be a member of ASFX.

Behind the Scenes of ASFX

First things first, head to ASFX’s website:

When on the website, the tabs at the top will answer most, if not all, of the questions you may have.


The first tab is the education tab. This will take you through all of the information about ASFX courses, seminars and webinars.


It is highly recommended to start perusing here and read through each individual one.

When it comes to the courses that ASFX provides, most people get started with the Starter Course Package. This popular package includes the beginner and advanced courses. It saves you some money and gives you lifetime access to the VIP Facebook group and VIP Chat.

ASFX Starter Course Package


The next tab is the coaches tab – this is where you can call to book a coaching call with one of the coaches available now. ASFX has Jase, Ryan, Linzi, Jerome, and Austin.ASFX Coaches

Jase and Ryan are located in different areas within the U.S., Linzi is across the globe in the U.K., and Jerome is located in Australia. The coaches are in various time zones, so regardless of where you live there is someone digital to help.


The store tab is where you can find all of the merch. There’s a trading journal, clothing, backpacks, hats, phone cases, etc.Trading Journal"What


The next tab is the testimonial tab, which is Austin’s personal favorite because it shows screenshots and other comments from real-life traders who have completed the course. The testimonial page also helps give insight into what is ASFX.





ASFX About Page & Blog

The last two tabs are the about page and then the blog. The blog is another great place where ASFX is adding valuable content once a week to the trading community.


Social Platforms

There are also buttons that link to all of our social platforms if you want to check out our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our Youtube channel.

The YouTube Channel

If you’re on the fence about forex in general and unsure of how to proceed, the best place to check out is our Youtube channel. It is built to cover every question that Austin is asked and hopefully save everyone some time.

It’s completely understandable if the channel is overwhelming at first glance, but take your time and go through it slowly.

The first thing you need to do is subscribe and turn on the notification bell so you know when ASFX puts up a new video. The first thing you should do, before you even buy anything from our website, is scroll down to the “New Traders Start Here!” playlist and start with those videos.

Some of those videos include:

And the list continues.

If you’re new to trading forex, this is the best place to start.

Once you’ve watched some Youtube videos and decide, “ok I’m going to head back to the courses page and I’m going to enroll and start consuming the content and learning” then you can head back to the main site.

At this point, you can decide how to pay. ASFX has two options for payment.

You can either do one payment of $618 (limited time offer) or 2 payments of $329/month.

There are NO monthly memberships!

Austin says, “I am here to help you guys make more, so I don’t want to take more money from you.”

Once you sign up, you get access to the content.

For example, the first chapter is “What is Forex” and you get to hear Austin’s voice teaching the content. You go through chapter by chapter.

When you finish, you get access to the VIP chat group and the Facebook group. All of the content is very detailed with backtesting PDFs available.


Added Content

The Philadelphia seminar is also available and it is 10 hours long, so there is a lot of valuable content there as well.

The ASFX Online Trading Seminar is also available.

The final piece is the VIP Facebook Group and the VIP Discord chat.

Every weekday, Austin goes onto Facebook and does LIVE daily recap videos. Every trading day Austin is in there going over the ideas from the group. 

So, at this point, if you’re thinking, ok I’ve taken the course, but how do I get reinforcement and any other questions answered? In the Facebook group! Austin answers questions in the recap.


People also post markups with their trade ideas in this group so they can get feedback from other traders and it makes a big difference. This is an extremely valuable area for traders and is the best group ever!

Our VIP Chat is on a platform called Discord and it has a couple chats like “funded traders” “crypto chat” “live trading” “swing trading” etc. It’s all here for people to feel like part of the family.

This is not a place to see Lambos and flashy watches. It’s a place to find value and thousands of hours of content.

The symbol

To understand the ASFX symbol also means to understand our company and vision. The symbol means group transcendence. Together we go further.


If you have any questions or comments about who we are and what we do please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on any of our platforms. We can’t wait to connect!


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