Intense 12 week trading mentorship program designed to help you find consistency in your trading career.
*Open for enrollment*

You Will Learn:

  • An actionable and structured approach to your trading business
  • How to properly track, analyze, and improve your performance
  • How to scale up your trading by getting funded and staying funded
  • 4 Backtested and proven profitable trading strategies: the A1, A2, D1, and D2

You Will Get:

Daily Access:
  • You will be trading along side the coaches everyday in the Black Shirt Club Discord chat. The coaches will have their screen-share on, answering questions and sharing trade ideas throughout each day.
Private Coaching:
  • You will be assigned to one of the four coaches for one-on-one sessions each week. These are the sessions for going over your week of trading, answering any questions that you have, and implementing actionable changes into your trading.
Coaches Corner:
  • Each week the coaches lead group sessions where they go over their personal trades to share insights and key takeaways from the wins and losses.
Yearly Membership to TradeZella:
  • We’ve partnered with TradeZella to bring you the most user friendly digital trading journal in the world to track and analyze all of your trades.

How Is This Program Different?

“There is a constant, professional level of accountability and your growth as a trader is measured more by your ability to follow your specific set of rules than your P/L. Whether we take trades, win trades, or lose trades we get better everyday, individually and as a group.” – Scott

Professional Environment:

  • A professional environment built to elevate and nurture new traders to reach their peak performance. You become the average of who you spend the most time with. Being surrounded by a group of motivated, disciplined and passionate traders is guaranteed to take you to the next level.


  • Not only will you be working alongside the other BSC members everyday, you’ll have designated time outside of trading hours to meet up virtually and share trades and give feedback.

Meet Your Coaches

Austin Silver

Austin started his career as a retail trader in 2015 in his college dorm room. As with most retail traders, he spent the first eighteen months of his career up and down, unable to find consistent success. Austin was finally able to turn a consistent profit in year two and from there, it was off to the races.

After building, testing, and proving his “ASFX” trading systems profitable, people started to ask him to share his knowledge. Fast forward a few years later, and Austin has now built one of the largest social media followings in the trading industry behind sharing valuable content through his daily trades.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Austin has built multiple successful businesses around the strategies he uses in the Forex market. Austin’s passion is rooted in helping bring value to the masses. His goal is to get as many people as possible trading actively and taking full control of their financial future.

James Bruce

James is an active day trader. His interest in the financial markets was sparked in 2018. During this time, he was playing professional rugby and studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in financial management.

After taking numerous courses, he eventually discovered Austin. Immediately after joining ASFX, James found his consistency in the markets. Based on that, James has a passion for mentoring and assisting individuals in finding their own consistency.

James loves discussing the financial markets and anything to do with economics. If James isn’t on the charts, you will find him on the golf course. He is an easy-going, approachable and confident guy who enjoys watching others reach their potential. Now with the knowledge he’s accumulated, James aims to fast track the trading journey of others, to success.

Tom Jackson

Tom started off his trading career in the sports markets and at the start of the 2020 pandemic when sports trading was no longer an option. Tom stumbled across the financial markets when researching how to improve his trading psychology.

Tom was swept away by the vast amount of trading education and the scalability within the financial markets compared to that of the sports markets where both are limited. Since May of 2020, Tom has dedicated himself to applying all of the lessons he learned from his mistakes in trading sports into the Forex market under the watchful eye of his mentors Austin, James, and the ASFX community.

Thanks to a solid foundation on which his forex career has been built, Tom has become a profitable trader and has made the step to become a full-time trader after quitting his 9-5 job. Tom enjoys documenting his journey and sharing the highs and lows of what it takes to become a professional trader in the hope to educate and inspire others to pursue their trading dreams and helping them along their journey.

Evan Dyer

Evan started his trading career in 2018, during this time, he was studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After finding Austin and ASFX, Evan was able to find his consistency in the markets.

Evan understands the challenges and obstacles that traders face firsthand. Through years of trial and error he has honed his trading skills to develop a deep understanding of market dynamics. Evan aims to share his expertise and insights to help others accelerate their learning curve and achieve their trading goals.

Beyond his day trading activities, you will find Evan in the gym or on the golf course. He loves discussing the financial markets and anything to do with business or sports. The commitment to ongoing education allows him to evolve and stay ahead in the competitive trading landscape. Evan remains dedicated to helping others achieve financial success through his expertise and guidance.


You get lifetime access to the Starter Pack!

30+ hours of education on how to trade the ASFX systems

6 Courses + ASFX VIP Trading Chatroom

1. Forex Crash Course
Learn the foundations of trading the largest, most technically driven market in the world.
2. Trader Toolkit

Get real tactics like checklists to use before, during, and after your trading.

3. Beginner Trading Course

Learn the A1 Trading Strategy that put ASFX on the map. This backtested breakout system will be the first entry system to use in your trading arsenal.

4. Advanced Divergence Course

Then learn the D1 and D2 strategies, a little bit more advanced but using divergence to find profitable entry signals with great risk/reward.

5. Philadelphia Seminar Replay

10hrs of trading education revolving around the A1, D1 and D2 trading strategies, PLUS tons of info on how to run your trading account like a real business.

6. How To Scale Up Your Trading Seminar Replay

Dive deeper into scaling up your trading using the 3 ASFX Strategies taught in the previous courses.

Plus ASFX VIP Trading Chatroom

Join the discord and get active with over 1,500 ASFX members from around the world, trading the same systems you learned in the courses.


Profit Target: 10%

Daily Loss Limit: 5%

Max Trailing Drawdown: 6%

Traders have the option to trade on Eightcap MT4 or Eightcap MT5

You get one $25,000 audition with SurgeTrader!

One phase audition.

No minimum trading days.

Trade FX, oil, metals, indices, crypto, and stocks.

NEW! Hold & trade through the weekend.

*Please visit for more details*


You get one $25,000 audition with SurgeTrader!

Profit Target: 10%

Daily Loss Limit: 5%

Max Trailing Drawdown: 6%

Traders have the option to trade on Eightcap MT4 or Eightcap MT5

One phase audition.

No minimum trading days.

Trade FX, oil, metals, indices, crypto, and stocks.

NEW! Hold & trade through the weekend.

*Please visit for more details*

Ready To Join The Black Shirt Club?


Your purchase includes:

– One Private Coaching Session per Week (Twelve Total)

– Daily Trading in the BSC Discord with Coaches & Other Members

– One Year Membership to TradeZella

BONUS: Lifetime Access to Starter Pack Courses