Jerome Lampasi

ASFX Coach

Location: Australia

Jerome is an active day trader who has been learning to trade since 2018 and has recently found great success with ASFX. He found trading while researching new streams of income and has developed a passion for the financial markets & trading ever since. Learning to trade while working a 9-5 job was very rewarding as he started to notice the potential trading has to offer. Being entrepreneurial-minded, he finds it hard for someone to dictate when and what he does for work, so trading was his key out of the rat race. Jerome’s trading journey was built on a solid foundation. As he developed as a trader for the first 15 months he found it difficult to find a trading style that suits his personality. He was missing that last piece of the puzzle – a tested and proven strategy that fit his personality and market beliefs. Watching Austin’s content on Instagram & YouTube was very captivating for Jerome as the style of trading was what he was looking for. After reaching out to Austin and finding out what ASFX was all about, he joined one weekend and hasn’t looked back since. Alongside having a passion for fitness and content creation, Jerome has since started sharing his knowledge and helping provide value to other struggling traders who are trying to find consistency with the help of using the ASFX systems.