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Webinar Presented By:

Austin Silver


Austin started his career as a retail trader in 2015 in his college dorm room. As with most retail traders, he spent the first eighteen months of his career up and down, unable to find consistent success. Austin was finally able to turn a consistent profit in year two and from there, it was off to the races. After building, testing, and proving his “ASFX” trading systems profitable, people started to ask him to share his knowledge. Fast forward a few years later, and Austin has now built one of the largest social media followings in the trading industry behind sharing valuable content through his daily trades. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Austin has built multiple successful businesses around the strategies he uses in the Forex market. Austin’s passion is rooted in helping bring value to the masses. His goal is to get as many people as possible trading actively and taking full control of their financial future.

Evan Dyer


Evan started his trading career in 2018, during this time, he was studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After finding Austin and ASFX, Evan was able to find his consistency in the markets.
Evan understands the challenges and obstacles that traders face firsthand. Through years of trial and error he has honed his trading skills to develop a deep understanding of market dynamics. Evan aims to share his expertise and insights to help others accelerate their learning curve and achieve their trading goals.
Beyond his day trading activities, you will find Evan in the gym or on the golf course. He loves discussing the financial markets and anything to do with business or sports. The commitment to ongoing education allows him to evolve and stay ahead in the competitive trading landscape. Evan remains dedicated to helping others achieve financial success through his expertise and guidance.