Why Your Trading Isn't Consistent

And How To Fix It


Your trading isn’t as consistent as you’d like it to be.

You feel like you have no control when you show up to trade.

Plain and simple, you aren’t making money like you thought you would be at this point… right?

Well, why do you think that is?

It can be boiled down to two reasons.

  1. You have no trading edge.
  2. You break the rules that your edge provides you.

So now that we know where the inconsistency lies, how do we solve these two problems?

That is what we will be focused on in this free webinar.

We will be covering important topics like:
  • What goes into a winning trading strategy
  • What is a Trading Edge
  • How Edge and Strategy come together to provide you more control
  • What makes the ASFX Edge so powerful
  • How to find your Trading Edge within the ASFX edge
  • Sharing recent trades that fit the ASFX edge

Austin Silver

Austin Silver is an active Forex trader, trading coach, and co-owner of The Silver Investment Group. Austin has built one of the largest social media followings in the trading industry behind sharing valuable content through his daily trades. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Austin has built two profitable businesses around the strategies he uses daily in the Forex market. Austin’s passion is rooted in helping bring value to the masses. His goal is to get as many people as possible trading actively and taking full control of their financial future.

Linzi Jess

Linzi is a full time mom and trader. Before ASFX she didn’t have her trading edge. Linzi struggled to find consistent returns until she found ASFX. She has been able to stay open minded, drop the habits that weren’t working for her, and grow into a consistent trader. She feels more confident than ever when she shows up to the desk because of the precise edge that the ASFX systems have given her. So much so, that she is now coaching new and struggling traders as they join ASFX.