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Austin Silver’s New Forex Trading Explained Webinar Is The Step Towards Financial Freedom You’ve Been Looking For.”

The Forex market is an exceptional place to build and grow your wealth, but only if you know what you’re doing. In fact, roughly 90% of Forex traders do not succeed.

Thankfully, there are people like Austin Silver, who has many years of trial and error in the Forex market. Him and his girlfriend, Rylee Bogden, have tied together expertise in Forex trading with a genuine passion for seeing others succeed in the futile market, and created ASFX.

ASFX is their company that has been helping traders of all levels of expertise since mid 2019. It has, “taken the day trading education world by storm, having helped hundreds of people just like you regain control of their financial future.”

[Austin’s] unique trading strategies truly set him apart and his systems are incredibly precise and effective.”

The recent pandemic left many people without work and searching for other ways to make money. We have seen how uncertain the world and employment is and how quickly things can change. Fortunately, there is Forex. Forex is a recession-proof way to make money and achieve ultimate freedom, both with time and finances. Now is the time to learn a way to ensure financial stability and security when the world seems unsteady.

Austin and Rylee have been working overtime to create and deliver a “game changing” new webinar. This webinar is for those who are interested in Forex and looking to get into the market in 2020.

The Forex Trading Explained webinar is packed full of education and is aimed at helping beginner traders find their feet and navigate the unknown terrain of Forex. The webinar sets viewers and aspiring traders up with fundamental skills that are absolutely needed for a long and successful career in trading Forex.

“This webinar is the best place for someone to get a basic forex education and learn how they could get started trading the forex market.” – Austin Silver

Some of the topics included in the webinar are: 

  • How to calculate potential returns.
  • What the difference is between gambling and trading (yes, there is a difference).
  • What we can expect in the future of the Forex market.

What sets ASFX apart is how Austin and Rylee nurture their clients and treat them as equals – not just another transaction. What this means is you become part of a family and are actively involved in a VIP chat with over 500 other professional traders at all levels. Traders are encouraged to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other, but you will not find any signals or hand outs. 

Traders and readers, rest assured that this is not smoke and mirrors. Austin was recently named one of the top 10 forex coaches to follow in an article featured in Yahoo Finance

Austin and Rylee both have an incredible knack at connecting and engaging with their audience by providing plenty of educational videos and content through their YouTube channel and Instagram. This side of the business is unheard of and has attracted ideal, self-motivated clients.

Austin states it perfectly when he says, 

“Forex trading isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but you can exceed any level of wealth you could imagine if you’re willing to put in the work and play the long game.”

If you’re reading this thinking, “hey, that’s me! I am self-motivated, disciplined and hard-working and I also want to gain control of my financial future!” then there has never been a better time to equip yourself and take the first step forward.

Head on over to Forex Trading Explained to view the webinar we have been talking about and learn exactly how Austin has been able to build his empire through forex trading and help many others do the same.

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