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ASFX Yahoo Finance Feature

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While the standard for Forex education has reached a plateau, Austin is constantly raising the bar for what Forex coaching can deliver.”

ASFX was featured in Yahoo this week and it is an incredible accomplishment for a Forex course created just over 1 year ago.

Yahoo reflected ASFX well by highlighting the three systems, A1, D1 and D2 as well as delving into the genuine desire and aim to create self sufficient and confident traders.

Trading can seem like, “driving with your eyes closed and hoping you reach your destination” to the vast majority of people. The general public sees staggering data such as, “only 10% of Forex traders actually make consistent money off their trades” and may fall into the pitfalls of “gurus” or get-rich-quick schemes, which results in “most traders losing out due to a lack of appropriate knowledge.”

Austin and Rylee are passionate about helping traders of all levels be in that 10% and be equipped with the knowledge and skillset to do so.

With mountains of free content, an always-evolving YouTube channel, weekly news emails, a VIP chat of over 500 members and 1-on-1 membership, ASFX’s education and commitment level are unseen in the Forex business.

“Truly passionate about helping others succeed and for helping people to learn how to become financially free, Austin and Rylee’s mission is to create self-sufficient day traders by getting their education into more people’s hands.”

Passion is one aspect of ASFX, but it is equipped with a back tested proven strategy and that’s what makes it stand out from the abundance of programs out there.

ASFX has 3 incredibly effective, precise and duplicatable strategies: The A1, D1 and the D2. These strategies put ASFX’s coaching level above other options available. These systems are taught in an extremely clear and binary way and are used to make money by anyone willing to put in the work.

Finally, you won’t see any flashy cars or jewelery in this course or social media platforms. Founded on a humble nature and hard work ethic, Austin and Rylee emphasize the value of education for their students.

Forex is a crisis, pandemic and recession proof way to make money and create financial freedom. Hard work is essential, but partnered with Austin and Rylee, that freedom is attainable. 

Read the Yahoo Finance article here.


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