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What Is Intelligence?

By August 19, 2020August 28th, 2020No Comments

Try to define intelligence.

Not emotional intelligence, but general intelligence.

Take a moment and see if you can explain what intelligence is.

Rylee and Austin sit down to discuss what the definition of intelligence is, what imagination is and how they relate to trading.

Rylee took a crack at defining what she thinks intelligence is and began with stating that first and foremost it’s an open mind. If you’re a close minded individual, you aren’t open to new information and if you’re not open to new information how could you be intelligent?

Rylee continues by saying there’s more than one type of intelligence. For example, there’s emotional intelligence, intelligence with certain subjects like intellectual intelligence, street smarts etc.

Austin joined the conversation by pointing out that Rylee was naming systems of intelligence but not actually defining it. It’s harder than you think. Austin continues to simply define intelligence as an understanding of what is.

Intelligence is an understanding of what actually is in this physical universe.

Think about it.

Emotional intelligence is an understanding of what goes into being emotionally intelligent. It’s an understanding of body language, communication, how to read people, etc. Those are things that go hand in hand with emotional intelligence and that’s the awareness of what is… a thorough understanding of what goes into a specific thing.

The same thing goes for knowing what is in a physical sense. For example, if you’re a developer or in construction, there’s an understanding of the rules for building a building. You would know the regulations and process that go into creating a building if you know exactly the steps that go into it. That is an example of intelligence.

If intelligence is the understanding of what is, how would you then define imagination in simple terms?

The answer is: what could be.

But wait, what is wisdom then?

Wisdom is added experience. If there was an equation to explain this thought process it would be:

All of intelligence + experience = wisdom.

Let’s go back to imagination and intelligence.

If intelligence is what is, and imagination is what could be then creativity is the combination of the two. If you visualize it that way, it puts you in the most powerful position ever.

This relates to trading in a huge way. The girls and guys on the ASFX team need to think about their creative approach to trading. Actually, all traders need to think about their creative approach to trading.

Traders have this uniqueness that they each carry that will be added to the system in which they are trading. This can also be referred to as a creative edge. You need intelligence and imagination to be successful in trading. Wisdom comes with time.

A trader can be both creative and binary, but it has to be creative within whatever rules are in the system that have been created.

It’s important to keep your eyes open and have an open mind to the creative side of trading because the market is always changing. Traders need to be able to adapt whilst also following a set of binary rules. This where honing in on their creative side will make for a very successful trader.